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The science of the past says if you aren't "healthy" you're lazy and the

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Over weight and pre-diabetic.

I was living my life like we all do and I would try to make the "right" decisions when it came to food and exercise. It seems though that by the time I knew my choices were a problem it was too late and I didn't feel like I could make a difference anymore.

At 48 and 350 pounds size 4xlt shirts and 5xl waist. I was ready to give up. Then on March 21st 2021 I came across information that would change my life. There is something called Insulin Resistance and boy did I have it. At one year into my new diet I had lost 100 pounds and was wearing a size 2xl shirt and 2xl shorts. I am no longer pre-diabetic and my blood pressure medications are dropped like my blood pressure.


What if I told you you could be eating like this.


Would you be interested if you could eat this for every meal and lose weight without
exercise? What if I said you would also get healthier? Pre-diabetes could be reversed in
months? It's possible for you to do it too.


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Metabolic health and lifestyle Coach Jeremy Fries with INSO Coaching


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